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A new chapter begins

Well it’s been over a year now since ‘The Dark Binding’ was released and sales have been slow but steady. There is still plenty of vinyl and CD’s left along with other merchandise such as patches and badges. For a limited period we will be slashing prices on all Witchclan products so be sure to take advantage of the lower prices whilst you can.

The album has received mixed reviews, both good and bad but what can only be seen as amusing is how a selection of people seem to think that the album falls down on production values. Do these people think that with all the time and effort put into the album that the production was overlooked? The whole point of this album is that it’s ugly, and it’s meant to sound ugly. We could have paid and had a top producer do it who would have made it sound all squeaky clean but why should Witchclan conform to what other polished bands are doing? This is not meant to be easy on the ear, and the aforementioned people might do better sticking to their ‘safe’ mainstream black metal scene if ‘The Dark Binding’ is too underground for them.

And so another chapter of Witchclan closes, a new one must begin. Unfortunately Elvester Records are no more but we are grateful to the label for the great opportunity to work with them, and wish the owner Erik all the best for future endeavors. At the moment, there are no plans to engage an alternative record label and the next album is likely to be released independently. The album is a while off at the moment but already we have some new ideas in place for a new sound and have recruited the additional vocal talents of UK metal vocalist Kate Maunsell who currently sings for Warhawk. The aim is to add a new dimension to the music and deliver some head crushing but beautiful music, but in addition to this you will also see the music take on industrial elements in a bid to push the boundaries even further. The album should see the light of day by late 2017 but is on hold until my other band’s new album is finished.

Thank you to all the supporters, and to the haters – please keep on hating me because it only fuels the fire and spurs me on to make more music to destroy you with.


FREE European shipping on all Witchclan garments from 11th May – 13th May

For this weekend there will be free shipping on all t shirts, longsleeves and hoodies. If you haven’t already bought yourself some Witchclan war armour then this weekend is the time to do it. There have been quite a few of you who have already purchased one and for that we thank you. Below is a picture of a girlie t shirt being modelled by Shona, and as you can see, they are of high quality and a nice fit. So what are you waiting for..? Cheers from the Witchclan Horde…


Witchclan T shirts now available!

Due to massive demand, we are pleased to announce that Witchclan logo shirts are now available.  It was difficult to decide on how and where to have them made because we currently do not have the finances to print any but because the demand was so high, we thought it best to bite the bullet and use a company who manufactures shirts to order. What this means is that Witchclan does not profit from the sales at all but the whole idea was just to get shirts out there for the fans who wanted them. There are plus points to this in that there is an almost unlimited amount of different style garments that the logo can be printed on, and limitless amounts of sizes available as well. The only downside to this is that because Witchclan is not responisble for the sales, the band has no control on the prices. We appreciate that money can be tight, especially in this day and age but we can assure you that the shirts are of a high quality and are actually priced fairly reasonably when compared to other band shirts. We hope you like the shirts. Cheers and hails from the Witchclan Camp…

To purchase a Witchclan War Garment please go to the shopping page or follow this link…


Spring 2012 Update

Ok so it’s been a while since I updated you on what’s been going on so here’s the latest news from the Witchclan camp.

The album has been selling well and has had nothing but good feedback from everyone who bought it. There are literally only about 100 remaining so if you haven’t bought one yet then you are running out of time because once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. There will not be a repress unless a label approaches me to do a vinyl version so grab one while you can.

T-shirts. Ok so a lot of you have been asking when there will be Witchclan t-shirts available and admittedly they are long overdue. Well the wait is nearly over because they will be available within the next month. Rather than have a bunch printed up myself, I have used a company who print merchandise to order and so you would be buying directly from them. Because of this, there will also be other garments available such as girlie T’s, hooded sweatshirts and hats. More news and links to buy the merchandise will be coming soon.

Finally, Witchclan will be featuring on a new UK Black Metal compilation album due out late 2012 via Darkness Shade Records. The album will feature UK bands Orbis, Abwehrschlacht and Mystiabllus and hopefully Old Corpse Road although the latter band is still unconfirmed. There will be three brand new tracks from each band so I will soon begin writing and recording the material which will be exclusive to this album.

I wish to thank all of you who have bought the album so far, thank you for your unparalleled support and hope you will continue to support Witchclan for the years to come. Until next time, blackened regards from the Witchclan Horde…