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Witchclan was formed in Newcastle, United Kingdom in 1990 by drummer/vocalist Peter Leathley and guitarist Sharad Anand under the name Crypt. They played old school Black/Thrash Metal in the vein of Venom, Possessed, Celtic Frost and Bathory. In 1991 they decided to recruit Matt Baines on keyboards and changed the name to Curse.  The name of the band changed to Hellgrind for a short period until settling on the name Witchclan in 1992. Later that year they recorded a live/rehearsal tape in front of a small crowd in Newcastle called ‘Live Witchery’ which was never publicly available, only one copy of this tape exists.  By this time Matt had left the band and Peter gave up vocals but they continued writing new material and rehearsing.

Come 1993 Peter was tape trading and writing to Matt Bass from East Sussex and mentioned that he was in a band but needed a vocalist, and offered Matt the position which he accepted. Rehearsing was difficult due to the members living so far apart but during the first half of 1993 they managed to record two rehearsal demo tapes which both received positive feedback in various underground fanzines. The first demo was a two track affair featuring ‘Dark Revelations’ and ‘Satan’s Revenge’, both strongly influenced by the sounds of 80’s Metal. It also featured an intro and outro which was kindly submitted by Ben who was at the time playing keyboards for Cradle Of Filth.The next tape was a promo release which contained only one song, ‘Holy Cunt’, which was influenced more by the Norwegian bands of that era and featured an intro and outro taken from an old Dead Christ recording.

Black Metal had emerged at this point due to the publicity in certain mainstream magazines. A small scene in the UK was beginning to develop with bands such as Cradle Of Filth, Thus Defiled, The Fallen, Xaztur, Dead Christ and Mephisto among a few others. Witchclan was to be a part of this and was regularly interacting with the aforementioned bands who would all later fold with the exception of Thus Defiled and Cradle Of Filth who would progress and release a string of various recordings.

In late 1993 Peter and Sharad both decided to leave the band. Sharad had started to lose interest and Peter didn’t see the point in doing the band anymore. Matt had the decision to make of calling it a day or trying to find replacements, he chose the latter and recruited Dave Howell to play bass, Nick Parton on drums and James Pruden and Jon Lee both on guitar. It was the first time the band had a bass player and more than one guitarist so things were looking promising and on top of this the members all lived close to each other so rehearsals took place every week without fail. Every member had slightly different musical preferences so the input was varied. Through 1994 the band rehearsed and wrote new material but only managed to write a handful of new songs but never officially made a 3rd demo. In 1995 everyone lost interest in the band as it was not really going anywhere but Matt and James continued for a few months, trying out different drummers but nothing worked out so by the Spring of 1995 Witchclan was put to rest.

16 years past and in 2009 Witchclan was re-born as a one-man solo project. By the Winter of 2009 the writing of new material and started and spreading the word of Witchclan begun again. By the Summer of 2010 it was time to complete recording the 3rd demo, the band’s first release in 17 years. The demo was to feature 3 tracks and an intro/outro. Two of the tracks were brand new, ‘Dawn Of The Serpent Kings’ and ‘Heaven Abhorred’ but the other was a re-written and re-recorded version of ‘Holy Cunt’ which featured on the band’s second demo. The demo was limited to 200 hand numbered copies on cassette.

In early 2011 Witchclan was approached by a Canadian label called Northern Cold Productions who wanted to work with Witchclan on a debut album. Work began on the album in February 2011 and in April there was a limited edition promo tape released which was sent to various labels and bands. It featured three rough mixes of advance songs from the forthcoming album, namely ‘Through Nordic Lands’, ‘Misanthropist’ and ‘Conqueror’. By around May 2011 the record label mysteriously disappeeard. In June talks began with UK label Darkness Shade Records and it was decided that the album would be released with them instead. The album continued was completed in August 2011 and the artwork for the album was done by Igor Mugerza who Witchclan had worked with the previous year on the 2010 demo tape. The album, entitled ‘Misanthropist’, was  released on October 31st 2011 and was limited to 500 copies on CD which came with a hand-numbered certificate. To coincide with the release, there were also limited edition patches and t-shirts made available.

Fast forward to 2013 and Witchclan signed to U.S based Elvester Records for a deal to release a new album on vinyl and CD. It was given a title of  ‘The Dark Binding’ and was released on 31st October 2014, exactly three years to the day that the last album ‘Misanthropist’ was unleashed. Witchclan stayed once again with Igor Mugerza for the cover art for the new album and was given the title of ‘The Dark Binding’. It received some excellent reviews and coverage, including an exclusive promotional song ‘Treading on Angels’ which was featured on the cover mounted CD’s of the October/November issues of Terrorizer Magazine and Zero Tolerance Magazine. The album was also released on the same day by Darkness Shade Records who did a special tape version limited to 100 copies – the first 20 with a blood-red cassette shell. All these products are available to purchase through the ‘shop’ tab at the top of the page.