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New album pre- orders

Well the time has come for another update. As you all probably know by now, the new album is complete and went to press a few weeks ago. We are now waiting on the vinyl, CD’s and t-shirts which should all be here within the next few weeks.

I am now happy to be able to reveal to you the title of the new album which is ‘The Dark Binding’. The artwork is still very much under wraps at the moment until it’s actually released but I can unveil the new style logo, pictured below. It’s basically a play on the older ambigram logo (a logo which reads the same upside down) but incorporates the Necronomicon sigil which was important this time around because a lot of the lyrics are based on this book.

Logo black background

In addition to this, I am also happy to be able to reveal to you the track listing which is as follows –

1) Descend Into Darkness (Intro)
2) Worms Of Hypocrisy
3) Treading On Angels
4) Dawn Of The Serpent Kings
5) Beyond The Seventh Gate
6) A New Dawn
7) Pathways To Immortality
8) Crossing Of The Spheres
9) Neverending Funeral
10) Descend Into Madness (Outro)

The vinyl version and the CD version will be released on October 31st 2014 via Elvester Records and the limited edition cassette tape version will be released via Darkness Shade Records a few weeks earlier.

If you want to pre-order yourself a copy of the tape, which is limited to 100 copies, go now to the Darkness Shade Records website to secure your copy.
Pre-orders for the vinyl and CD will be announced in the coming weeks. The wait is nearly over, and we are confident you will regard this album as one of the strongest UK Black Metal recordings to come out for some time.
More updates to follow soon… until next time, blackened regards from the Witchclan camp.

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