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New Witchclan Album

Well it’s been a while since the last update but to be fair, I didn’t see much point in updating when there wasn’t much to update.

Thank you to the hundreds of you who have bought the 2011 album ‘Misanthropist’. There are a few left so if you still want it and haven’t yet bought one, get yourselves onto the shopping page and order yours today.

In other news, the new album is currently in the works, and we currently have three brand new songs recorded, mixed and produced. Two of the songs have titles, ‘Sons Of Satan’ and ‘Treading On Angels’ – the other one is yet to be given a name.
So what does the new material sound like? Well over the last couple of months during the creativity process, the main album I’ve been listening to for inspiration has been ‘Transilvanian Hunger’. Of course Witchclan has its own style and sound but to say Darkthrone have been a huge inspiration would be an understatement.

The overall sound has been redefined, with the drums having a better sound, the guitars sounding richer and the vocals sounding more demonic than ever. In the riff department, expect majestic yet raw and catchy riffs – reminiscent of the true old school Black Metal of the early 90’s. All in all, this is a massive step up from the last material and can be considered as the ‘true’ Black Metal sound, where as the last material had influences from Death Metal, Thrash Metal and even Doom – none of which will be present on the new album.

The new album will be released through Darkness Shade Records once again, and should be expected late 2013/early 2014 but in addition to this there are also plans to do a split release with Votan and Wintercorpse, plus a split EP with Shemale, which will be a Dark Ambient offering in the same vein as the intro and outro which can be found on ‘Misanthropist’.

More news and updates will follow, towards the middle of this diabolical Summer.

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  1. So, how is the progress with the second album? Are all the songs for it finished? I’m also quite interested in the planned split w/Shemale as I like Dark Ambient in general and the intro/outro on “Misanthropist” too.

    Comment by Velkaarn on November 21, 2013 at 10:40 pm

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