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Witchclan T shirts now available!

Due to massive demand, we are pleased to announce that Witchclan logo shirts are now available.  It was difficult to decide on how and where to have them made because we currently do not have the finances to print any but because the demand was so high, we thought it best to bite the bullet and use a company who manufactures shirts to order. What this means is that Witchclan does not profit from the sales at all but the whole idea was just to get shirts out there for the fans who wanted them. There are plus points to this in that there is an almost unlimited amount of different style garments that the logo can be printed on, and limitless amounts of sizes available as well. The only downside to this is that because Witchclan is not responisble for the sales, the band has no control on the prices. We appreciate that money can be tight, especially in this day and age but we can assure you that the shirts are of a high quality and are actually priced fairly reasonably when compared to other band shirts. We hope you like the shirts. Cheers and hails from the Witchclan Camp…

To purchase a Witchclan War Garment please go to the shopping page or follow this link…

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