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A new chapter begins

Well it’s been over a year now since ‘The Dark Binding’ was released and sales have been slow but steady. There is still plenty of vinyl and CD’s left along with other merchandise such as patches and badges. For a limited period we will be slashing prices on all Witchclan products so be sure to take advantage of the lower prices whilst you can.

The album has received mixed reviews, both good and bad but what can only be seen as amusing is how a selection of people seem to think that the album falls down on production values. Do these people think that with all the time and effort put into the album that the production was overlooked? The whole point of this album is that it’s ugly, and it’s meant to sound ugly. We could have paid and had a top producer do it who would have made it sound all squeaky clean but why should Witchclan conform to what other polished bands are doing? This is not meant to be easy on the ear, and the aforementioned people might do better sticking to their ‘safe’ mainstream black metal scene if ‘The Dark Binding’ is too underground for them.

And so another chapter of Witchclan closes, a new one must begin. Unfortunately Elvester Records are no more but we are grateful to the label for the great opportunity to work with them, and wish the owner Erik all the best for future endeavors. At the moment, there are no plans to engage an alternative record label and the next album is likely to be released independently. The album is a while off at the moment but already we have some new ideas in place for a new sound and have recruited the additional vocal talents of UK metal vocalist Kate Maunsell who currently sings for Warhawk. The aim is to add a new dimension to the music and deliver some head crushing but beautiful music, but in addition to this you will also see the music take on industrial elements in a bid to push the boundaries even further. The album should see the light of day by late 2017 but is on hold until my other band’s new album is finished.

Thank you to all the supporters, and to the haters – please keep on hating me because it only fuels the fire and spurs me on to make more music to destroy you with.


‘The Dark Binding’ is unleashed!

Well after the long wait, Halloween is here which can only mean one thing – The Dark Binding is also upon us. The new album is available to buy now and is available in a number of different formats and combinations including ‘The High Priest package’ – Die-hard collectors set, limited to 50 hand-numbered copies containing the following;

1x limited edition blood red vinyl in full colour cover, complete with lyric insert

1x jewel case CD version with 8 page colour lyric booklet

1x A3 poster

1x embroidered patch

1x button badge

1x silver plated chalice


High Priest2

The vinyl is also available as a regular black version and you can of course purchase CD’s, t-shirts, patches and badges etc separately from this website.

In addition to these formats, the album is also available on cassette which is limited to 100 copies with glossy fold out lyric inlay card and printed cassette shell. More photos of all formats can be found via the ‘SHOP’ tab at the top of this page.



In other news, if you read Terrorizer or Zero Tolerance magazine then you will have already heard an exclusive track from the new album entitled ‘Treading on Angels’ which was featured on both magazine’s cover mounted CD’s this month. So those of you who have heard that promotional song will have an idea of what’s in store, if you haven’t then get to your newsagent and buy your copy now. You can also read an exclusive interview with me on the Zero Tolerance official website.

The new album has had some great reviews so far on the run up to its release, which is always encouraging. Hopefully there will be many more to come . So on that note, it brings this update to a close and so I bid you farewell for now but make sure you come back soon for future updates. Thank you to everyone who has so far ordered the new album, I hope you all enjoy what you hear. Here’s a link to a recent interview with me for All About The Rock and some reviews of the new album on Unholy Music, Underground Unsigned Reviews, That’z Not Metal, and You Tube’s 26Bond.

Finally, in other news – if you would like another exclusive sneak preview of the new album, you can download a free exclusive promotional split release with UK Black Metallers The Wolves of Avalon via SixSixSix Music here.

Witchclan Wolves

Thank you to everyone who have pre-ordered the album, and thank you in advance to everyone else who buys it. Until next time, grim regards from the Witchclan Horde…


Album artwork and general album update

Well as I type this, we have less than two months to go until the new album is released. Since the last update there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes with Witchclan and both labels Elvester Records and Darkness Shade Records.

To start with, I am happy to be able to reveal the brand new cover art, which was revealed on Facebook a few days ago and has been done by none other than Igor Mugerza who did the art on the last album and also the third demo tape. The story behind the art is that I wanted something which fitted the lyrics and the general feel of the album. Most of the lyrics are based around the Necronomicon so the art had to match this. I drafted up a rough sketch of the kind of thing I wanted and passed it to Igor to work his magic. What he came back with exceeded my expectations ten fold and it still takes my breath away. So without further a do – behold the brand new album cover….

The Dark Binding

I think you’ll agree that Igor has done an amazing job here. It’s a piece that you can look at for a while and not notice something in the picture until you look at it again. Spot the crow? Spot my gravestone? All in all, I couldn’t be happier and I am very grateful to Igor for putting so much time and effort into it. Igor will be staying with Witchclan for future relases so I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next time but if this is anything to go by then it will surely be something special.

In other news, for those of you who can’t wait to hear the album and wanted to have a sneak preview – Elvester Records have released an advance track entitled ‘The Crossing of Spheres’ and you can listen to it HERE.

Whilst we’re on the subject of advance promo tracks, Witchclan is set to appear on the cover-mounted CD’s in the next issues of Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance magazines with the song ‘Treading On Angels’. There is also going to be reviews of the album in both magazines and an exclusive Witchclan interview on the Zero Tolerance official website so keep your eyes open for that.

Finally – the cassette tape version which is being released via Darkness Shade Records have gone to press and are available to pre-order HERE. With regards to the Elvester Records releases, the CD’s have been delivered and we are very pleased with them. The vinyl will be here soon and pre-sales for both formats go live on September 25th. For those of you who are more digitally-minded, there will also be an official download available to purchase. Go to the official Elvester Records website for further information.

All in all, this is a very exciting time for the band and both record labels involved and we believe that you will be blown away by the sheer intense blackness which ‘The Dark Binding’ will instill in you. You should also be aware that in addition to the new album, there will also be brand new t shirts, patches, button badges and posters available soon.

The next update will come soon, so until next time – blasphemous regards from the Witchclan horde…


New album pre- orders

Well the time has come for another update. As you all probably know by now, the new album is complete and went to press a few weeks ago. We are now waiting on the vinyl, CD’s and t-shirts which should all be here within the next few weeks.

I am now happy to be able to reveal to you the title of the new album which is ‘The Dark Binding’. The artwork is still very much under wraps at the moment until it’s actually released but I can unveil the new style logo, pictured below. It’s basically a play on the older ambigram logo (a logo which reads the same upside down) but incorporates the Necronomicon sigil which was important this time around because a lot of the lyrics are based on this book.

Logo black background

In addition to this, I am also happy to be able to reveal to you the track listing which is as follows –

1) Descend Into Darkness (Intro)
2) Worms Of Hypocrisy
3) Treading On Angels
4) Dawn Of The Serpent Kings
5) Beyond The Seventh Gate
6) A New Dawn
7) Pathways To Immortality
8) Crossing Of The Spheres
9) Neverending Funeral
10) Descend Into Madness (Outro)

The vinyl version and the CD version will be released on October 31st 2014 via Elvester Records and the limited edition cassette tape version will be released via Darkness Shade Records a few weeks earlier.

If you want to pre-order yourself a copy of the tape, which is limited to 100 copies, go now to the Darkness Shade Records website to secure your copy.
Pre-orders for the vinyl and CD will be announced in the coming weeks. The wait is nearly over, and we are confident you will regard this album as one of the strongest UK Black Metal recordings to come out for some time.
More updates to follow soon… until next time, blackened regards from the Witchclan camp.